Brand & Identity

Identity Creation

This client came to us in advance of the launch of their new medical product distribution company for assistance with the process of naming and branding the business.

Over the course of several meetings, brainstorm sessions and rounds of edits, we collaborated with them to:

  • Identify the desired tone, message and other goals for the company
  • Create a name for the company
  • Develop a logo and tagline

It's always satisfying—to us and our clients—to watch an identity grow from concept sketches to a fully fleshed-out reality. The images below show a few of the milestones in that process, including:

  1. Concepting names
  2. Refining the name and beginning to concept logos
  3. Exploring color options
  4. Exploring font treatments
  5. Concepting brand marks
  6. Refining the font selection
  7. Refining the logo
  8. Locking up the tagline with the finished logo


Page of notes from identity brainstorm


Page of notes from identity concepting


Green and blue color swatches



Thumbnail images of logo marks


Font refinement options


logo concept images


Final Upshot logo with tagline