Marketing Automation

Would you rather...

Shouting at a group
Shout at a general demographic...


one on one communication
Communicate one on one?

Digital marketing has made it easier than ever to identify your target audience. But how do you turn a target into a lead? And how do you turn a lead into a customer? The key is connecting to your target audience on a one-on-one basis, and doing it dynamically and efficiently.

Marketing automation is a powerful component of your digital marketing strategy

Marketing automation provides you with the digital marketing resources to not only capture more leads, but to forge a more personal, lasting connection with your customers. Individual features depend on the platform you select, but most include tools such as:

email automation iconEmail Automation

Send customized emails with triggers 

dynamic forms iconDynamic Forms

Capture more leads 

campaign optimization iconCampaign Optimization

Eliminate waste while identifying opportunities

crm integration iconCRM Integration

Immediately plug your leads into your sales system

visitor ID iconAnonymous Visitor ID

Identify your anonymous web traffic

web content iconDynamic Web Content

Provide content that grows with your leads

email iconGmail/Email Syncing

Emails to/from synced users appear in leads' histories

sales notification iconSales Notifications

Email/text sales when a lead is ready to buy

behavior tracking iconBehavior Tracking

Understand your leads 

lead scoring iconLead Scoring

Customize and prioritize your pipeline

A/B iconA/B Testing

Test emails head-to-head, then optimize to what works

sales analytics iconSales Analytics

Enable your sales team with key insights about each lead

Social media integration

In addition to the digital marketing tools listed above, many marketing automation programs provide social media tools to help you create and manage your social media plan:

  • Post to popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Create social listening feeds
  • Visualize and plan your social media strategy
  • Create automations and lead scoring rules based on social interaction