Strategic Marketing

Case Study: Hynes Brand Unification

Hynes strategic marketing case study


We were charged with developing a website that would bring Hynes Industries into the modern business era. Through our process of research and customer interviews, we identified a much greater opportunity for industrial marketing to transform the multi-generational, family-owned brand into the metal manufacturing powerhouse it is today. Bottom line, we deliver not just what our clients want, but what they need.


After our industrial marketing discovery process, we consulted with Hynes and identified a need to combine their four separate business units into a single unified business under the Hynes Industries umbrella. Along with this progress came innovative marketing materials that created a consistent brand identity and aligned the sales team across all of the Hynes Industries products.


After we helped combine the Hynes Industries companies and products into a single business unit and positioned them for success with sophisticated sales materials and a simplified sales process, Hynes Industries increased their lead quantity by over 200% and improved their lead quality exponentially.