Strategic Marketing

Case Study: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmacy Satisfaction Program

new program launch materials


Our challenge was twofold:

  1. Transform the company’s national trade sales team into a formidable Business-to-Business healthcare marketing force armed with targeted tools for pharmacists.
  2. Position the company as a leader in the drive to improve medication adherence.


We created and implemented a fully-integrated pharmacy marketing strategy that involved identifying industry trends, partnering with key industry associations in program initiatives/cross-promotions, and conducting market research. We created playbooks, reports, trade show presentations and other sales tools for use in the field, and developed a B2B web site that provided resources for pharmacists. We also developed and piloted a groundbreaking in-pharmacy adherence program and app that used data from a study of pharmacy customers to customize and deliver adherence interventions to individuals.


The client was recognized as a leader in the medication adherence space. Adherence increased among program participants, and the pilot program won a Strategic Patient Adherence Award for Best Manufacturer Program in the United States. Other pharmacy marketing strategies and tactics were equally effective—sales materials enabled deeper penetration into pharmacy chains, site visits increased by 864% over 6 years, and digital ad click-through rates were double the industry average.