Web & Digital Marketing

Transit Digital Advertising Campaigns

As a complement to their print, radio and out-of-home advertising, our transit client runs digital ads in a variety of online media. We work collaboratively with them on strategy, design and content to help increase awareness and maintain their positive image.

Below are examples from two campaigns:

  • One promoting specific bus lines and access to destinations throughout Central Ohio, where the tagline was "Let's Go."
  • One promoting their first BRT (bus rapid transit) service, with a focus on how the service connects the community (in more ways than one—the buses feature device charging stations and free wifi!).

The ads were sized to fit standard digital dimensions for online publications, Facebook and Instagram.

300x250 digital COTA ad
300x600 Digital COTA ad
320x50 Digital COTA ad
COTA ad for Instagram
728x90 Digital COTA ad
COTA ad for Facebook