Strategic Marketing

Case Study: Znode Lead Generation

Znode lead generation case study


Znode approached us for help with launching their company online and establishing themselves as a marketing automation brand. In particular, the company was interested in initiatives to help generate leads via engaging online content and videos, and through the smart application of marketing automation tools.


We worked closely with Znode to develop and deploy a series of videos and white papers to serve as their website’s content marketing strategy. These videos demonstrated their core products, and the white papers were intended to establish their knowledge leadership within the marketing automation industry. In addition, we created direct mail campaigns and static web content in the interest of lead generation and increased brand recognition.


After collaborating closely with the Znode team, we developed strong web tools that helped the company attract and capture new leads. In addition, we leveraged our marketing automation expertise to make both their internal lead generation process and their product offerings more effective and competitive.