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before and after signs

Logo Refresh: Before and After

We were recently asked to update the logo for a company in the small cell industry. As the offshoot of a power company that has been going strong since 1964, they wanted a look that projected the same expertise and quality that their parent company has exuded for the last half a century, with a…

Tire tread illustrating traction

Checkpoint: Maintaining Traction

Back in early 2015, we incorporated many of the principles of Gino Wickman’s book Traction into our business practices. Since then, we’ve recommended it to several of our clients who were looking for a practical way to focus and strengthen their business. Blending best practices from a variety of other tried-and-true business books, Traction outlines…

Bada bing, bada brand branding package

Bada-bing, Bada-brand

Imagine you had to choose one of the following to develop a brand name and logo for your company: Your brother’s best friend’s niece who needs to do a branding project for her college marketing class An expert design firm that charges $100,000 for a brand package A lot of good brand work can happen…

cat yawning

Herding Cats: Tips for Picking a Project Management Tool

Phrases like “over budget,” “out of scope,” “off schedule” or “out of the loop” are the stuff of project management nightmares. Web-based project management solutions help you rest easier by facilitating collaboration, coordination and communication throughout your whole team. But choosing from the many available alternatives can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for making…


Who Needs a Brand Guide?

Imagine you’ve just purchased a chest of drawers from Ikea. You open the box, and there inside is everything you need to put together your new piece of furniture…except for the assembly instructions. Without those illustrated images to help you along, you’re more likely to end up with a headache than a Hemnes. If you…

lipstick on a pig

What Branding Isn’t

As important as branding is to your marketing strategy, it’s often misunderstood. And rightly so—as more of an idea than a deliverable, it can be a little hard to define. So instead, let’s look first at what it isn’t. Branding isn’t your logo As one component of your brand identity, your logo helps to visually…

Wizard toy

The Magic of Marketing Automation

As marketing and sales efforts grow increasingly interconnected, clear communication and visibility between the two becomes more critical than ever. Yet in many companies, the two departments operate more like adversaries than teammates. So how do you achieve harmony? You could just cross your fingers that they somehow magically align—or you could try something that…

Missteps trip you up

Common Marketing Missteps and How to Fix Them

Over our 24 years of helping companies make positive strides with their marketing, we’ve come to recognize the points where businesses tend to stray off the path. Below are a few of the more common marketing missteps we’ve seen over the years, along with some tips for course correction. Misstep #1: Too many cooks Just…

Designing a logo as part of a rebrand

4 Reasons to Rebrand

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: the decision to rebrand isn’t one that should be taken lightly. A bad (or badly executed) rebranding can destroy trust. But a well-done rebrand can work wonders. So how do you know if it’s worth the risk? Here are four reasons it might be a good…