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Creating a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Good B2B marketing is strategic in nature—and so is good content marketing. Treat your content marketing the same way you treat all your B2B marketing: create a strategic foundation upon which to build and execute your marketing plan. Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Yet many B2B companies that are doing content marketing are doing it without a…

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In B2B Marketing, Content is King

Content is a major buzzword in B2B marketing, and for good reason. Content marketing can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty, generate leads and sales, and position your company as an industry thought leader. So what exactly is it, and why is it so important in B2B? What is Content Marketing? Googling “content marketing…

Solar energy panels

Diversify to Revitalize Growth

A few years ago, one of our customers found themselves unable to continue growing at the rate they wanted to within the sectors they had been serving for 75 years. As their growth partner, we developed a list of targeted industries where they could diversify. One of those industries, solar energy, has really revitalized their…


4 Ways to Protect Against Spam Attacks

The Internet is an ever-changing system of networks, protocols and technologies. Yet among all these variables, there is one constant: spammers are looking to take advantage of website vulnerabilities for their own gain. Think it can’t happen to your company? You’re wrong. Every day, spammers attack B2B companies large and small, public and private, to…

QR Codes

Industry Leaders: Ditch the QR Codes

Quick Response codes (better known as QR codes) can be a convenient way to quickly access content—assuming your audience: knows what they are knows how to use them has a smart phone has a QR code reader installed on that smart phone and has service when they want to scan the code If all five…

Columbus, Ohio street

Marketing in the Most Intelligent City in the World

Columbus, Ohio. Home to great food, an awesome zoo, and a heck of a college football team. And now, another feather in our cap: the Intelligent Community Forum recently voted Columbus, Ohio the most intelligent community of the year. And not just the most intelligent in the U.S.—the most intelligent in the world. And in…


Ad Agency, Marketing Firm…or Growth Partner?

When you’re searching for a marketing firm or ad agency, how do you know if they’re the right fit? Do they do great graphic design? Check. Do they understand your specific industry? Check. Will they help you grow? Hmmm… The Easy Answer When people ask what Attache does, it’s easy to say we’re an advertising…

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Competitive Intelligence: Be a B2B Spy

Competitive intelligence is an important component for any company, but it is an absolute necessity for B2B marketing. As we mentioned in a recent post, B2B companies face unique challenges in obtaining customers, one of which is the fact that their customers research, scrutinize and comparison shop every purchase. Eighty percent of that research is…

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Manufacturers: Try Marketing Innovation

When it comes to marketing, manufacturers often fall into the trap of focusing on their products: spec sheets, product brochures and the like. Obviously, product marketing has an important place in your arsenal—people need to know what you sell—but it shouldn’t be your only ammunition. So what is there to market if you’re not talking…