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Tiny door

Knock knock. Who’s There? Marketing!

Social (and regular!) media in Columbus, Ohio has been abuzz with sightings of “elf doors” appearing in area parks as part of Keebler’s (yes, that Keebler) Tiny Door Project. Made by area artists (er, um, elves) and installed with the help of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, the doors are slated to be around…

Stack of news papers

What news do you expect at Google I/O?

Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, is kicking off at their keynote today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Historically, Google has used this conference to announce major new products and enhancements to its existing systems, like Google+ Hangouts in 2013, which unified its chat services, and the Knowledge Graph in 2012, which offered…


Pop Quiz: Grammar

Our head copywriter finds it difficult to pass up a grammar quiz. She took this one published by The Huffington Post last night, and missed three. Can you beat her? Here she defends her grammar missteps: 2. Oh, come on…who uses “effect” as a transitive verb? 4. I refuse to accept this…LITERALLY. 13. Technically, either is correct:…


Milk…Toilet Paper…MMR Vaccine?

Ohioans will soon be able pick up something new at their local pharmacy—their mumps vaccine. In response to a rising number of mumps cases in Ohio, Governor John Kasich signed an emergency order that will allow pharmacists in the state to administer MMR vaccines to adults aged 18 and older. As the mumps outbreak continues,…

Google pagespeed screenshot

Google updates PageSpeed tool

Google has long offered web developers a tool called PageSpeed insights, which loads any URL on Google’s servers and delivers a report on the page’s load time for both desktop and mobile. These reports are especially valuable to B2B search marketers because it provides insights into the way Google “crawls” your page, and provides suggestions…

High end branding

What’s it Worth: The Value of Branding

Why are so many people willing to pay top dollar for Gucci purses, Prada shoes or Tiffany jewelry? Does a shirt with the Nike swoosh make you jump higher or run faster than another brand’s clothing? While there are instances where a more expensive brand delivers better quality than its less-expensive counterparts, luxury brands often…

Business connection

B2B Connections on LinkedIn

When prospecting new clients or growing business to business connections, the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn offers free useful tools for you and your team. We would like to share some key strategies to get going on LinkedIn, and to make the most of all the prospecting and networking tools has to offer. The more…

Marketing content

New Google Algorithm Rewards Content

Google announced an update to their search spam filter, Penguin, in their efforts to reward sites with great content. The algorithm is designed to prevent fraudulent or malicious websites from using keyword spam to improve their standing in search results, but can have a negative impact on the SEO efforts of legitimate websites as well.…

Social media tools

Make the Most of Your B2B Social Media

The year 2013 has passed B2B Marketers by in a blur and soon we’ll find ourselves facing the final quarter of the year. 2013 may have been a year of ups and downs for many businesses, but the year is not yet over and many amends can still be made. This means that companies who…