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Business connection

B2B Connections on LinkedIn

When prospecting new clients or growing business to business connections, the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn offers free useful tools for you and your team. We would like to share some key strategies to get going on LinkedIn, and to make the most of all the prospecting and networking tools has to offer. The more…

Marketing content

New Google Algorithm Rewards Content

Google announced an update to their search spam filter, Penguin, in their efforts to reward sites with great content. The algorithm is designed to prevent fraudulent or malicious websites from using keyword spam to improve their standing in search results, but can have a negative impact on the SEO efforts of legitimate websites as well.…

Social media tools

Make the Most of Your B2B Social Media

The year 2013 has passed B2B Marketers by in a blur and soon we’ll find ourselves facing the final quarter of the year. 2013 may have been a year of ups and downs for many businesses, but the year is not yet over and many amends can still be made. This means that companies who…

Grocery carts

Kroger – Supporting Central Ohio

With the Good Neighbors picnic approaching in September, we are requesting that Kroger shoppers please consider registering their Kroger card with the Good Neighbors of Central Ohio.  The Good Neighbors of Central Ohio work to have a free store for the homeless to shop for winter cloths in the fall at the picnic. If your Kroger cards are…