Knock knock. Who’s There? Marketing!

Social (and regular!) media in Columbus, Ohio has been abuzz with sightings of “elf doors” appearing in area parks as part of Keebler’s (yes, that Keebler) Tiny Door Project. Made by area artists (er, um, elves) and installed with the help of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, the doors are slated to be around until September.

One of the parks happens to be very near our office, so we went off in search of our neighborhood’s diminutive doorway to viral marketing. We found it nestled at the base of a Northern Red Oak (we’re not going to get more specific than that, lest we ruin the delight of just happening upon it).

We knew from other sources that the doors actually open, but we weren’t sure what to expect inside. We opened the door(carefully—this one was pretty fragile), and peered within its depths. Boy, were we surprised!

Fudge stripe cookie behind the door

Okay, so there wasn’t really a cookie inside…but what a cute, clever idea (and not a bad little marketing ploy, either). Good job, Keebler—thanks for bringing a little marketing magic to Central Ohio!

Amie Horan

Amie Horan


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