Portfolio 2.0

Web page with new portfolio in menu

We never planned to overhaul our portfolio only one year after redesigning our website. We put a lot of work into it the first time around, so even though there were things we wanted to tweak—not enough white space, not an optimal mobile experience, a little too much going on with the flip boxes—we decided…

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A Valentine for our Vendors

The end of the business year is a fun time for us. We always enjoy the usual benefits of planning, goal-setting and reflection (take a look back at our favorite projects from 2017). But there is one particular part of that end-of-the-year/start-of-a-new-year process that I look forward to the most: the selection of our Vendor…

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Top 17 of 2017

Top 17 projects of 2017

As we started a new year, we found ourselves reminiscing about the work we did in 2017. This inspired us to make a list of our top 17 projects from last year. The reasons these projects rose to the top vary. Some presented an interesting challenge. Some let us begin relationships with new clients or…

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The Cure for the Summertime Blues

summer hours sign

Unless you’re a teacher, summer break becomes a thing of the past as soon as you get your first full-time job. And while there are advantages to working during the summer (a shorter commute thanks to not having to slow down in school zones, for example), we sometimes find ourselves longing for those carefree days…

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Vendor of the Year 2016

vendor of the year

Vendors you can count on are critical to business success, and we’re pretty lucky in that department. We count among our business partners some of the most talented professionals anywhere. But some vendors just do…more. They surpass our expectations both in the quality of their work and the service they provide. We learn from their…

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Team Building: Work Together, Play Together

Mario and Luigi team building

If you follow us on any of our social media channels, you have likely seen a few posts about our company outings. These team building exercises have become a big part of our company culture, and for good reason: when we take the time to learn, play and experience things together, we become a stronger…

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