We Need Some Space

iPhone keyboard with letters reading we need some space

…white space, that is. In design, white space is the breathing room in and around content. It doesn’t literally have to be white—it doesn’t even have to be totally empty. But regardless of whether it’s a color, a pattern or even a background image, it serves the same purpose: to provide a visual rest for…

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Bucking the Trend

Chalkboard with trend written on it

It’s hard not to fall for a good trend. All the cool kids are doing it, so why shouldn’t you? Marketers (even B2B marketers!) aren’t any less susceptible. The Internet is riddled with articles touting “the top 11 most exciting marketing trends for 2019 and beyond,” “the 3 trends every marketer should know” and “the…

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Are You Ready for Some Super Bowl Commercials?

television for viewing super bowl commercials

For some people, the commercial breaks during the Super Bowl are the highlight of the game. That may be especially true this year, as they helped add a little excitement to what some have called the worst Super Bowl ever. Despite tepid ratings and low viewership, the game was still watched by more than 98…

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Social Media Strategies for a Troubled World

Social media strategies

Since social media became a popular marketing tool for companies, we have advocated having a plan. Determine where, when and what to post. Create a content calendar (and stick to it!). Automate what you can. Our one caveat has always been this: be aware of what’s going on in the world around you, and be…

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Under the Influence(r)

influencer marketing word cloud

Influencer marketing makes a lot of sense in business-to-consumer circles. Getting a lifestyle blogger with millions of followers to rave about a shoe brand will certainly help sell more shoes. But let’s face it—that same blogger talking about your ERP software, flexible manufacturing processes or power generation capabilities won’t have the same impact. That’s not…

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A Good Fit: the Agency-Client Relationship

Peanut butter and jelly are a good fit

When a prospective client first reaches out to us, they may or may not know what they’re looking for in an agency—but over the past 24 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing, instinctively, when there’s going to be a good mutual fit. So while a prospect is interviewing us, we’re interviewing them right back.…

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