A Good Fit: the Agency-Client Relationship

When a prospective client first reaches out to us, they may or may not know what they’re looking for in an agency—but over the past 24 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at knowing, instinctively, when there’s going to be a good mutual fit.

So while a prospect is interviewing us, we’re interviewing them right back. Here are some of the characteristics we look for in a client:


The agency-client relationship is a two-way street. If there’s too much traffic going one way, and not enough going the other way, things get jammed up. Communication keeps the traffic moving smoothly. We keep clients up to speed about what’s happening with their projects. We appreciate detailed, timely feedback in return. This flow of information is one sign of a good fit.


We are creative strategists, not just work horses. We thrive in relationships where there’s a give and take of ideas, where we can truly be a marketing partner. We want to make our clients happy, but they’re not getting the most out of the client-agency relationship if they’re only using us for production work. When a client lets us work with them—rather than just for them—it’s another sign of a good fit.

Marketing Savvy

Our strongest relationships are with clients who have at least some idea of what they need to do, and recognize that they need help getting it done. That’s not to say we expect all of our clients to be marketing experts—but having a good understanding of basic marketing principles is helpful. This is the icing on the “good fit” cake.

If a client doesn’t meet all these parameters, it doesn’t automatically mean the relationship is doomed. It just means we need to meet them where they are, and do what we can to ensure we’re communicating, being a good partner, and utilizing our skills to the fullest to help them grow.

Jason Janoski

Jason Janoski


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