What’s Your Resolution?

pixilated image with text reading what's your resolution

Let’s talk about resolutions. You’ve probably heard—and maybe even made—some of these common resolutions: Lose weight. Get organized. Quit smoking. Travel more. But how about pixels per inch? Or dots per inch? If you’re not familiar with those last two, don’t worry…because those are the resolutions we’re here to talk about. Resolution refers to the…

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Building Your Marketing Budget

Hammer out the details on your marketing budget

Determining how to spend your marketing budget is kind of like building a house. You can’t expect to build a mansion if you can only afford a tiny house—but you want to build the best, most functional house you can with the budget you have. The same holds true for your marketing. Start with a…

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Email Crimes & Misdemeanors

Email criminal in handcuffs

I spend a lot of time reading email messages, and I bet you do too. It seems we’re in good company—the average person receives about 75 work-related emails daily. We all know the basics of good email communication—but when you’re up to your eyeballs in unread messages, it can be tempting to break some of…

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Checkpoint: Maintaining Traction

Tire tread illustrating traction

Back in early 2015, we incorporated many of the principles of Gino Wickman’s book Traction into our business practices. Since then, we’ve recommended it to several of our clients who were looking for a practical way to focus and strengthen their business. Blending best practices from a variety of other tried-and-true business books, Traction outlines…

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