B2B Companies Have Feelings, Too

Sculpture of faces showing different feelings and emotions

It’s no secret that feelings and emotions influence consumers’ buying behavior. In fact, research shows that our emotional response to advertising has two to three times more influence on purchase intent than the content of the ad. That’s why brands pay billions of dollars each year on commercials and print ads aimed at tugging your…

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Doing Meaningful Work

A bee doing meaningful work

I recently had a conversation about business with my friend and colleague Joel Kessel. During the course of our discussion, he asked what drove me to start Attaché. Channeling the me from 25 years ago, my answer was “to make a living doing something creative.” Back then, when I thought of “creative,” I thought only…

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The State of Social Media Marketing for B2B

Social media marketing icons

In its recently-released 2018 report on social media marketing, Social Media Examiner explored the way businesses are using social media marketing. The report culls insights from over 5,700 marketers on social media marketing topics such as the business benefits of social, the most-used platforms, and paid social activity. This post summarizes some of the key takeaways…

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Don’t Stop Marketing

spray painted stop sign

If business is good, it’s easy to believe you don’t need to market. When you’re busy, you may think you don’t have time to market. If business is bad, you may think you can’t afford to market. But suspending your marketing efforts—for any reason—is a bad idea. What happens when you stop marketing? Nothing will…

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Building Your Marketing Budget

Hammer out the details on your marketing budget

Determining how to spend your marketing budget is kind of like building a house. You can’t expect to build a mansion if you can only afford a tiny house—but you want to build the best, most functional house you can with the budget you have. The same holds true for your marketing. Start with a…

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Common Marketing Missteps and How to Fix Them

Missteps trip you up

Over our 24 years of helping companies make positive strides with their marketing, we’ve come to recognize the points where businesses tend to stray off the path. Below are a few of the more common marketing missteps we’ve seen over the years, along with some tips for course correction. Misstep #1: Too many cooks Just…

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