The Magic of Marketing Automation

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As marketing and sales efforts grow increasingly interconnected, clear communication and visibility between the two becomes more critical than ever. Yet in many companies, the two departments operate more like adversaries than teammates. So how do you achieve harmony? You could just cross your fingers that they somehow magically align—or you could try something that…

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Secrets to B2B Selling via Social Media

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Is it okay to ask for business through social media? YES! If you’re not selling through social, you should be. If I want to earn your business, I need to ask! I connect with you because I want to help you (or your colleagues, or your sibling, or spouse or mom or whoever) do business.…

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Six Ways to Sell When You’re Not in Sales

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Sales advice is usually geared toward people who embrace their salesperson-ness. But selling isn’t—and shouldn’t be—just for salespeople. Think about lawyers, creatives, accountants, architects, engineers, account managers, support staff…these people tend to hate the very idea of selling, yet many of them must do it on a regular basis in order to succeed. In fact,…

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How to Double Your Revenue Using LinkedIn

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That title isn’t clickbait. In 2015, we more than doubled our annual revenue through our use of LinkedIn. And it wasn’t as difficult as you might think. LinkedIn is a B2B marketer’s best friend; according to a LinkedIn study, 3 out of 4 members use the site to research companies. Functioning like a digital résumé,…

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5 B2B Marketing Problems to Fix Now

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In our 20+ years as business-to-business marketers, we’ve repeatedly seen a handful of marketing problems that prevent clients from growing. We have compiled a list of the top 5 issues. The sooner they are resolved, the faster you can begin to deliver true business value—the kind of value that transcends marketing trends. 1. Not Reaching…

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B2B Connections on LinkedIn

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When prospecting new clients or growing business to business connections, the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn offers free useful tools for you and your team. We would like to share some key strategies to get going on LinkedIn, and to make the most of all the prospecting and networking tools has to offer. The more…

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