How to Double Your Revenue Using LinkedIn

Pair of dice

That title isn’t clickbait. In 2015, we more than doubled our annual revenue through our use of LinkedIn. And it wasn’t as difficult as you might think. LinkedIn is a B2B marketer’s best friend; according to a LinkedIn study, 3 out of 4 members use the site to research companies. Functioning like a digital résumé,…

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Diversify to Revitalize Growth

Solar energy panels

A few years ago, one of our customers found themselves unable to continue growing at the rate they wanted to within the sectors they had been serving for 75 years. As their growth partner, we developed a list of targeted industries where they could diversify. One of those industries, solar energy, has really revitalized their…

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Ad Agency, Marketing Firm…or Growth Partner?


When you’re searching for a marketing firm or ad agency, how do you know if they’re the right fit? Do they do great graphic design? Check. Do they understand your specific industry? Check. Will they help you grow? Hmmm… The Easy Answer When people ask what Attache does, it’s easy to say we’re an advertising…

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Education Marketing: Trends in Online Education

Digital devices

Online education offerings have become ubiquitous among community colleges (and, of course, online universities)—but now the heat is on for traditional brick-and-mortar universities to develop online education platforms. We recently completed a market analysis for a university client who is looking to increase the reach of one of their online Master’s programs. While researching challenges…

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New Google Algorithm Rewards Content

Marketing content

Google announced an update to their search spam filter, Penguin, in their efforts to reward sites with great content. The algorithm is designed to prevent fraudulent or malicious websites from using keyword spam to improve their standing in search results, but can have a negative impact on the SEO efforts of legitimate websites as well.…

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Kroger – Supporting Central Ohio

Grocery carts

With the Good Neighbors picnic approaching in September, we are requesting that Kroger shoppers please consider registering their Kroger card with the Good Neighbors of Central Ohio.  The Good Neighbors of Central Ohio work to have a free store for the homeless to shop for winter cloths in the fall at the picnic. If your Kroger cards are…

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