Ad Agency, Marketing Firm…or Growth Partner?

When you’re searching for a marketing firm or ad agency, how do you know if they’re the right fit? Do they do great graphic design? Check. Do they understand your specific industry? Check. Will they help you grow? Hmmm…

The Easy Answer

When people ask what Attache does, it’s easy to say we’re an advertising agency or marketing firm. Most people have a general idea of what those are, and so they nod their heads and go on about their business without bothering to ask a follow-up question.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

But the truth is, we are a lot more than just an advertising agency or marketing firm. When we described ourselves that way to the CEO of a $6 billion company we work with, he replied with a look of surprise, “You’re not my advertising agency. You’re my consultative growth partner!”

And he’s right. Our mission is to be a catalyst for growth, and growth entails a lot more than just advertising. We work with companies who have complex products and services, in industries like manufacturing, life sciences, technology, healthcare and financial services. We have extensive experience in business-to-business marketing, which can be more difficult than marketing to consumers. We’re exceptionally creative, but we’re also extremely strategic and business-savvy.

What are you looking for in a creative partner? The easy answer isn’t necessarily the best one for your business. Any ad agency can do graphic design, but won’t always focus on the growth of your company. We’re here to do more. We will be open, honest, candid and challenging in our efforts to further your business. We want to be your growth partner.

Leah Kleban

Leah Kleban


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