Education Marketing: Trends in Online Education

Online education offerings have become ubiquitous among community colleges (and, of course, online universities)—but now the heat is on for traditional brick-and-mortar universities to develop online education platforms.

We recently completed a market analysis for a university client who is looking to increase the reach of one of their online Master’s programs. While researching challenges in online education, we came across a recent NPR Marketplace segment that explored the ways educators in juvenile detention facilities are using tech to ensure the children they teach don’t get left behind while they’re locked up.

The Challenge
Teachers in juvenile justice facilities face a number of challenges:

  • A lack of funding—even more than in the traditional education system
  • A transient population—students are constantly moving in and out of the classroom, and sentence lengths vary
  • A classroom consisting of students at various levels of education and with different needs

The Solution
The above factors have forced them to get creative, using crowdfunding sites geared toward teachers and secondhand equipment to add teaching tech to their classrooms. Many have also turned to free online education tools to help their students keep up with their studies in a classroom where not everyone is at the same level:

  •  Google for Education: This free suite of productivity tools includes Classroom, which helps teachers create, organize and track assignments paperlessly. Classrooms using Chromebooks or Android tablets can also access class content via Google Play for Education.
  • Edmodo: This California-based social learning network facilitates blended and personalized learning. Teachers can use it to digitally assign and collect homework, schedule quizzes, post discussion topics or poll students. It also gives teachers a forum to collaborate with other educators and share educational content.

Simplifying the Complex
We do for business what online education tech does for these teachers: make a complicated problem easier to handle. As B2B marketing experts, our specialty is marketing complex products and services. From higher education to industrial manufacturing, our strategic marketing approach helps align businesses and generate leads to drive sales. How can we help?

Leah Kleban

Leah Kleban


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