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With the Good Neighbors picnic approaching in September, we are requesting that Kroger shoppers please consider registering their Kroger card with the Good Neighbors of Central Ohio.  The Good Neighbors of Central Ohio work to have a free store for the homeless to shop for winter cloths in the fall at the picnic. If your Kroger cards are registered for them in community rewards it pays the organization a small percentage because you shop there.  The instructions for registration are below.  Please note this does not cost you in any way or affect your Kroger Reward Points.

You can visit,  click on Columbus, Ohio and click on “Enroll” to register for the first time. To re-enroll, go to the web site and sign in.
Go to community rewards, the ID number is 91161 it will come up Good Neighbors of Central Ohio, make sure you click on the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page or it will not save.
When you shop at Kroger it will print Good Neighbors of Central Ohio as your community rewards choice on the bottom of your receipt.


Thank you so much for your support for the Good Neighbors of Central Ohio.  For more information on our efforts, please visit

Leah Kleban

Leah Kleban


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