What news do you expect at Google I/O?

Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, is kicking off at their keynote today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Historically, Google has used this conference to announce major new products and enhancements to its existing systems, like Google+ Hangouts in 2013, which unified its chat services, and the Knowledge Graph in 2012, which offered relevant cards of information related to real-world places and people alongside traditional search results.

Last year, new voice search features that helped users find contextually-aware information when searching queries in the form of questions were announced at Google I/O. These additions to their desktop and mobile search products allow users to get search results that are more relevant to their current location, past interests, and the structure of their question.

These changes presented not only SEO challenges but also opportunities for B2B digital marketers. By adopting a content marketing strategy that includes posts which answer specific questions or offer tutorials on relevant topics, using titles that include “how can you,” “what is…?” or “how to” business to business websites stand to gain a significant advantage in search rankings. Some blog posts positioned to take advantage of searchers for these questions could include, “What is [complex B2B product or service]?” or “How can you use [B2B product] in my product?”

This year, Google I/O is expected to prioritize their new Android Wear smart-watch software platform, which will further stress voice searches and timely information. We think the biggest changes to Google Search will surround natural language search, features aiming to make searching sound and feel more like a human conversation. We hope Google continues its trend of rewarding white-hat SEO practices, making it easier for smart business-to-business SEO marketers to get noticed and increase their websites’ traffic.

What’s something you hope to see at Google I/O? What’s one thing you think Google needs to change in 2014?

Amie Horan

Amie Horan


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