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Brand Strategy

You can’t be all things to all people—but a good brand strategy can make your B2B company more easily identifiable to your target audience. If brand strategy isn’t a component of your overall marketing strategy, it should be. In our last post, we discussed how our Growth Catalyst process can help build a strong brand. Your…

Egyptian pyramids

Building a Successful Brand

Your B2B company’s brand is your face to the world—and like a face, it is multi-dimensional. More than simply a logo, name or tagline, a successful brand is comprised of images, messages, customer interaction and customer opinion, artfully combined into a cohesive, consistent story that leaves a lasting impression of your company. As B2B marketing…

Digital devices

Education Marketing: Trends in Online Education

Online education offerings have become ubiquitous among community colleges (and, of course, online universities)—but now the heat is on for traditional brick-and-mortar universities to develop online education platforms. We recently completed a market analysis for a university client who is looking to increase the reach of one of their online Master’s programs. While researching challenges…

DNA for biosimilar drugs

Pharma Marketing: Impact of Biosimilars

One consistent challenge we have seen in our twenty years of B2B marketing for the pharmaceutical business is improving medication adherence—that is, ensuring patients are taking their medications as prescribed. One of the largest barriers to adherence is cost; generic versions of brand name drugs help make those medications more affordable. But for drugs categorized…

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Creating The Right Core Focus

As part of an ongoing quest for knowledge and ways to hone business practices, our team recently read Traction by Gino Wickman. Taking some of Wickman’s ideas and merging them with our Growth Catalyst process, we have come up with a two-step process for creating your business’ Core Focus. 1. Determine why your company exists Answer the question…

B2B presentation illustration

7 Best Practices For Your B2B Presentations  

Presenting your business to a potential client can be a huge turning point in the sales process. If your b2b presentations are done well you can win the deal. What are the best practices for your B2B Presentations? Here are 7 to get you started. correctly, you can win over the hearts and minds of…

Color wheel

True Colors: the Science of Picking a Palette

When we build a branding campaign for a client, the color palette is one of the first components we develop. And as you can see from this tutorial by artist Melanie Gillman, there’s more to it than just picking colors you like. In addition to considering contrast and proportions as illustrated in Gillman’s tutorial, we also…


Sweat Can Build Creative Equity

As marketers, we are by nature a creative bunch. But even the most creative among us hits a wall from time to time. In this article from naturallysavvy.com, a doctor explains how exercising can help boost creativity by changing your focus, increasing oxygen to the brain, and possibly even building new neurons. Of course, exercise…

Tiny door

Knock knock. Who’s There? Marketing!

Social (and regular!) media in Columbus, Ohio has been abuzz with sightings of “elf doors” appearing in area parks as part of Keebler’s (yes, that Keebler) Tiny Door Project. Made by area artists (er, um, elves) and installed with the help of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, the doors are slated to be around…