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The year 2013 has passed B2B Marketers by in a blur and soon we’ll find ourselves facing the final quarter of the year. 2013 may have been a year of ups and downs for many businesses, but the year is not yet over and many amends can still be made. This means that companies who have faced their share of challenges can improve their business prospects in these last 4 months while companies that have already seen success can fare even better.

There are quite a few ways in which a company can improve their lead generating potential in the last months of the year, and some of those lead generation methods include:

Make Your Presence Felt

Businesses need to make their presence felt in the marketing world and, with digital marketing becoming all the more essential in recent years, B2B companies should ensure that they have a proper online visibility. This can come in the form of well managed social media accounts which can allow you to communicate better with your clients.

Original and Creative Content

Content is one of the most powerful tools in the world of digital marketing as it enables you to attract the eye of potential business leads. With so much competition for attention online, standing apart is vital to one’s survival. The more unique and engaging the content is, the more effective it will be. Generating fresh content in addition to an effective marketing campaign is vital for any B2B company’s success.

Use of Social Media

Statistics show that social media is being increasingly used by nearly everyone on the planet, it is important for all B2B companies to take advantage of this phenomenon and connect with their clients and prospects online. With all your clients already using social media on a regular basis, why should you be left out of the conversation?

Provide Open Avenues for Contact

It is essential to provide your clients an opportunity to get in touch with you quickly and easily. Many companies make the mistake of improperly placing their contact information on the web, which makes it extremely difficult to find. If you make it easier for prospective clients to get in contact, you make it easier for yourself.

Call to Action is a Must

Are clients staying for a very short time on your website? Incentivize them to stick around longer by giving them a call to action, encouraging them to visit other parts of your website. Providing great business content that engages them is not simple, but necessary, to keep people around. Then ask simple things to get people to act. Tell them what you want them to do.

Keep It Simple

When you feel that your business needs a boost, go back to the basics. These strategies have long been successful and have been used by countless B2B companies to boost their sales, create conversions and generate more leads.

By growing your brand’s b2b digital marketing presence, you can truly make the most of these remaining months and have a much happier New Year.

Amie Horan

Amie Horan


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