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As part of our marketing analytics, we keep track of our organic search results. Keeping an eye on what draws traffic to our site is obviously important from a business perspective, as it helps us tweak our search engine optimization strategy. But it’s also fun to see some of the weird terms that bring people to our site.

Sexy Searches

For example, you wouldn’t think “sexy pharmacist” would bring a lot of traffic to a marketing agency website, but it’s almost always on the list. Why? Well, we do have a great deal of experience in pharmaceutical marketing…but really it’s this post about marketing to pharmacists that’s responsible.

Pinky Swear

Another frequent search term is “authentic pinky.” According to Google, this is the former screen name of a perpetually pink-clad YouTuber. But it also draws traffic to our post about authenticity in branding, which happens to feature this picture:

Search results for pinky promise

It’s the Great Pumpkin (Search), Charlie Brown

Then there’s “janoski’s pumpkin patch 2016.” We don’t know whether 2016 was a good year for the aforementioned pumpkin farm in Pennsylvania, but it was the year we wrote about the outings we’ve gone on as a company (one of which was a visit to a pumpkin patch a little closer to home).

Saving Searchers from Themselves

And finally…we feel genuinely sorry for the folks who end up on our site after searching for “genuine imitation leather.” But frankly, they’re better off learning from us about the dangers of mixed marketing messages than continuing their hunt for that oxymoronic term.

Jason Janoski

Jason Janoski


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