Rebranding the Right Way

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The decision to rebrand isn’t one to be taken lightly. When done wrong, rebranding can destroy trust and ruin any brand equity you’ve built up. But done properly and for the right reasons, it can revitalize your company, increase your relevance and help you reach a broader audience. Our client American Share is the perfect…

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B2B Branding Challenges

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Business to business companies face different, more difficult branding challenges than companies that sell to consumers. How you address those challenges can make or break your B2B brand. Here are a few B2B branding challenges, along with some suggestions for overcoming them: B2B customers buy for their organization, not for themselves. Establishing an emotional connection…

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Brand Strategy


You can’t be all things to all people—but a good brand strategy can make your B2B company more easily identifiable to your target audience. If brand strategy isn’t a component of your overall marketing strategy, it should be. In our last post, we discussed how our Growth Catalyst process can help build a strong brand. Your…

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Building a Successful Brand

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Your B2B company’s brand is your face to the world—and like a face, it is multi-dimensional. More than simply a logo, name or tagline, a successful brand is comprised of images, messages, customer interaction and customer opinion, artfully combined into a cohesive, consistent story that leaves a lasting impression of your company. As B2B marketing…

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True Colors: the Science of Picking a Palette

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When we build a branding campaign for a client, the color palette is one of the first components we develop. And as you can see from this tutorial by artist Melanie Gillman, there’s more to it than just picking colors you like. In addition to considering contrast and proportions as illustrated in Gillman’s tutorial, we also…

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What’s it Worth: The Value of Branding

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Why are so many people willing to pay top dollar for Gucci purses, Prada shoes or Tiffany jewelry? Does a shirt with the Nike swoosh make you jump higher or run faster than another brand’s clothing? While there are instances where a more expensive brand delivers better quality than its less-expensive counterparts, luxury brands often…

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